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Location Northeast of Ivarstead
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Nilwen is a Bosmer living in a small shack located north of the settlement of Ivarstead. She tells of "great beasts" found in the area. In reality, she is a dangerous criminal, tricking passing travelers into fighting giants and then looting their corpses.

Related Quests[edit]


"Y'ffre's bones! A brave adventurer! Please, won't you help me?"
What are you doing in this shack?
"Shack? This is my home! It's not much, but it keeps the weather off my head. My home is the least of my problems!"
What problems?
"Beasts! Death is all around me. The worst of them is Lockjaw, a monster without equal!
He lairs in a fallen tree to the south. If only someone dared kill him for me!"
I'll take care of Lockjaw for you.
"If you can truly slaw Lockjaw, I'll sleep much easier. Please, save me from this foul beast!"

After you've dealt with Lockjaw:

"You've returned! And all in one piece. What a hero!"
You sent me to kill a rat.
"Wasn't he terrifying though? Such big teeth and such sharp claws! I shudder to think of what he might have done to a helpless Bosmer like me. He's really dead?"
Yes, he's dead.
"I prayed nightly for a champion to deliver me from these beasts. And now you're here, my savior!"
Anyone could kill a rat.
"Are all heroes so modest? But danger still lurks. A deadly beast called Greatclaw lives nearby. Last night I saw it kill a man by dropping a tree on him!"
I'll deal with Greatclaw.
No, I'm done with this.
"Oh, I'm so little and helpless. I don't know what I'll do without someone brave and strong to save me."

Upon returning to Nilwen:

"Tell me, brave adventurer! Is Greatclaw truly dead?"
Greatclaw was a bird.
"Well, but it was a great big bird, wasn't it? Huge! With a cruel beak and massive claws?"
No, just a normal bird. It flew away.
"The foul beast fled, knowing you'd slay it, my champion! I fear him no longer. What would I do without you?
I beg you to help me one last time!"
What is it?
"Cracktooth! A terrifying Goblin. I could never defeat him, small and helpless as I am. But I know a brave, powerful champion like you can slay him easily!"
His camp is to the east, across the river."
Yeah, yeah. I'll go kill the little guy for you.
I'm not falling for this again.
"I know Cracktooth will come for me. I'm so helpless! What will I do?"

When returning to Nilwen once again:

"Oh, dear! Did my champion lose his nerve? Please, you must stop Cracktooth!"
Cracktooth is dead.
"He's ... wait, what? You found an actual Goblin?"
No, I found a giant. I killed him.
"Well, you know. Goblins, giants—they're all great big beasts to little me.
But what's important is you saved me. My hero! Thank you so very much. Here, have some coins."

When you speak to her after completing the quest, Nilwen is suddenly short-spoken, saying, "Oh, you're back. I was just leaving. To, um, Valenwood. Yeah. Well, bye!"