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Narisa Androm
Home Settlement Molag Mar
Store Caravaner Tower
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Caravaner
Narisa Androm

Narisa Androm is a Dark Elf caravaner who can be found at the tower outside of Molag Mar.


If the player is a non-Dunmer, she will be extremely frustrated:

"Another outlander in need of a ride? I swear, you're all just trying to annoy me at this point.
All right, yes, where would you like to go?"
"Good n'wahs sit down, shut their mouth, and listen properly to instructions. Bad n'wahs end up dead before they reach their destination.
Now, where can I take you?"
"Yes, yes, I've heard it before. You've never seen a bug as big as that one. Well, don't fret too much. She's never seen a s'wit like you, either.
Where do you need to go?"

If the player is a Dunmer, she greets the player warmly, relieved:

"Don't you simply prefer the company of another Dark Elf? I know I do.
Tell me, friend, would you care to ride my silt strider today?"
"Good to see a Dark Elf face. I feel like I've only been dealing with Nords and Lizards all day. It gets very tiring, very fast.
How can I help you today?"
"Lovely to see you! Please, tell your Dark Elf friends to stop by more often. I need a break from the rabble every once in awhile.
Where would you like to travel to?"

In response you can ask her which locations she travels to:

Where can your silt strider take me?
"We make regular runs to Suran and Tel Mora. If that's where you want to go, climb aboard and we'll get you there in two shakes of a kwama's antenna."
I'd like to go to Tel Mora.
I'd like to go to Suran.