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Memory of Overseer
Home Settlement Percolating Mire
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Memory of Overseer

Memory of Overseer is a vision from Ja-Reet's memories of being a slave on Vvardenfell. The Overseer is Feyne Vildan's father, and disapproves of Ja-Reet's relationship with his daughter.
While traversing Ja-Reet's memories, you are to say what should have been said on the day the memories take place.

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"Ja-Reet, I've seen you talking to my daughter without bowing your head. Never do that again!"
I will talk to her when and how I please.
"Is that how you address your master?
You're a slave! If you look at Feyne again, I'll put your eyes out. Do you understand?"
We love each other. You can't stand in our way.
"Why, you scaly little piece of ....
You'll suffer for this!"
Feyne and I belong together, whether you like it or not.