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Master Stormwarden Faranwe
Location Ilayas Ruins
Race Ayleid Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Stormwardens
Condition Spirit
Master Stormwarden Faranwe

Master Stormwarden Faranwe is an Ayleid and was the leader of the Stormwardens, a group tasked with defending the Sphere of Storms, a powerful relic found in the ruins of Ilayas, in the Ayleids' time.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After exiting the Stormwarden Sanctuary to stop Firras:

Master Stormwarden Faranwe: "Another fool going to an early grave."

Speaking to her:

"You dare address me? Insolent dog!
Those who call themselves "stormwardens" are hardly fit for the title. They can barely control the storms, much less dispatch intruders from our sacred grounds!"
Who are you?
"Such an impertinent question! I suppose there's nothing for it.
I am master of Ilayas, and once, the stormwardens. Without me, this place is a shadow of its former glory. Invaders would have never crossed this threshold under my command!"
Can you help us?
"Help? If you're lucky, I won't kill them myself!
They've severely taxed the sphere so much, I was forced to wake. And now I am forced to defend what they cannot."
[Intimidate] You would let your order fail? I've never seen such a useless leader.
"You dare raise your voice, slave?
But you speak the truth. That is how history will remember me, if I do nothing. I can't lend my sword, but I'll shield you from others who've awoken.
May the storm see you unbroken."

Speaking to her again:

"Hurry, my bellicose ally! Take thunder and pain to our enemies! Illuminate their path to Coldharbour with lightning!"

Place the stones and Faranwe will appear again:

"For a savage, you show promise. Just a bit, mind you.
Perhaps one more act will earn you my respect."
And what would that be?
"The traitor, Firras. He must die.
I will not suffer betrayal in my order. Insubordination deserves death. Letting the enemy into our fortress has called the fury of the storm!"

Defeat Firras and Faranwe will show up once more:

"Seems you're worth something after all. Perhaps once the wards are unsealed, they'll consider you a stormwarden recruit."
What wards are you talking about?
"Why, the ones your fellows are sealing, now that the sphere has sufficient power. Firras is dead, so they can close all escapes without worry.
You, on the other hand, should worry about your own escape."
How do I escape here?
"If you go up the stairs, an army awaits. Dangerous, but it'd be entertaining to see you fight your way through the Sea Vipers.
There's another way, if you're interested. Only for a friend of the stormwardens."
What way would that be?
"There's a hidden sally port beneath a stone table, just around the corner. Give it a good shove, and you'll find yourself outside the lower level.
It's the last exit to seal, but don't dally. Or let those Maormer cretins see you."

Speaking to her again before going outside:

"Move quickly, or you'll be trapped. The storm waits for neither man or mer.
An army waits outside. Be ready."