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Lothson Cold-Eye
Location West of Northpoint
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Lothson Cold-Eye

Lothson Cold-Eye is a Nord refugee found at his camp located west of Northpoint. His brother, Addald, is from Eastmarch. The two apparently used to be quite the team until Lothson settled down and Addald 'went soft'.

Lothson will ask you to retrieve his fiance Marien Erelle's necklace from Orc's Finger Ruins. The two later relocate to the city of Shormhelm.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you encounter him at his camp, he will be lamenting the loss of his farm and home. He will murmur "She needs some hope. A reason to live."

Speaking to him:

"Our farm … everything we owned. It's all gone."
What happened?
"You'll hear our story repeated around Rivenspire, I expect. The roads just aren't safe anymore.
Bandits from the Orc's Finger Ruins hit our farm. They slaughtered livestock and looted the place. We only escaped because we hid. Then we ran."
At least you managed to escape.
"Until the next disaster befalls us.
Marien … she lost her necklace. A family heirloom. You look capable. I have to stay with her, get her to Shornhelm. Would you go after these bandits? Try to find her necklace?"
I'll try to find this necklace.
"Thank you for even considering this. Look for us in Shornhelm if you find it.
The necklace … it's been in her family for hundreds of years. I think that necklace meant more to her than the farm."
What can you tell me about those bandits?
"Bitterhand bandits. Bitter bastards, more like it! Trouble for everyone these days.
If my brother Addald were here, we could have fought them off. But I couldn't take them on by myself, not with Marien to protect."
Where is your brother?
"He's living the good life as a merchant in Eastmarch. We used to be quite a pair. Fought back-to-back across the face of Tamriel.
But then I met Marien and settled down. Addald went soft and became a fishmonger."
What is the "Orc's Finger"?
"Funny name for a dreadful place, isn't it? It's one of those Ayleid ruins you find scattered about the region. The Bitterhand took it over recently. Been using it as a base ever since."
How did it get the name?
"Story goes that there was an Orc warrior, long ago, that came through the region looking for spoils and battle. He met his end in the ruin, dead at the hands of an Ayleid lich.
Only thing they found of him? His finger bone. The name stuck."
Are you two married?
"Keep your voice down! No, we're not married. We've been together for years … but I can never find the moment. And with her broken up like this … well, that moment isn't now."

Speaking to him again:

"As soon as Marien is rested, we're going to head for Shornhelm. Try to put this all behind us."
Can you tell me more about Marien's necklace? (Leads to same questions being asked)

Once you have found the necklace, you can find Marien and Lothson in Shornhelm.

"Not sure what's more surprising—that we made it to Shornhelm or that you did. Did you find Marien's necklace?"
Yes, here it is.
"Shor's bones, you did it! Thank you. With this, Marien will make a full recovery. I know it. I may even get up the nerve to ask for her hand. Heh!"

After completing the quest he will thank you again.

"Neither of us will forget your kindness."