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Lerexus Novation
Location Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Store Brotherhood Crafting Stations
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Merchant
Other Information
Faction(s) Dark Brotherhood
Lerexus Novation

Lerexus Novation is a skeleton merchant found inside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. When you speak to him, Lerexus will greet you with an undead-related pun.


"Why not take a load off? You look like you've been working yourself to the bone."
"Elam and the Matron work me to the bone."
"Think you'll find a better deal elsewhere? You'd be dead wrong."
"I used to be an assassin, just like you. These days, my skin is just too thin for that kind of work."
"I've got whatever you need. No bones about it."
The Matron only allows me to keep the bare essentials in stock. My cupboards are bare to the bone."
"Rough times ahead for the Brotherhood. I can feel it in my bones."