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Location Near Elden Root
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Harinlor is a Bosmer found outside Elden Root.


As you near him and Calunorril, you overhear their conversation and you can help them resolve their conflict in a mini-quest, which does not award any rewards but counts towards the Peacemaker achievement.

Harinlor: "Hold your tongue, High Elf! King Camoran didn't need Queen Ayrenn's help—never asked for it, in fact!"
Calunorril: "If Queen Ayrenn hadn't saved your hides at Cormount, you would have lost the civil war. You lot owe your lives and your allegiance to the Altmer."
Harinlor: "You haughty High Elf bastard! The Wood Elves don't owe allegiance to anyone. Least of all finely-bred fools such as yourself!"
Harinlor: "What do you think, traveler? I can't speak to this High Elf bastard any longer. He's so well-educated and wise that he can barely function."

Speak to him and he'll say, :"This High Elf thinks that his people rule over me. The Wood Elves follow King Camoran, not some High Elf Queen! Am I right?" Choose one of the following to determine the outcome of their conversation.

He's wrong. All in the Dominion are under Queen Ayrenn's care, not beneath her boot.
"I … suppose you have a point. Ayrenn rules over all Elves—equally. Perhaps helping us was less an imposition on us and more … more her duty."
He's right. Wood Elves should bow to Queen Ayrenn and the High Elves.
"You're all tyrants. Get away from me."

If you told Harinlor you agree with him, they'll have this exchange:

Harinlor: "It was your Queen's duty to protect us, High Elf! All of us. It doesn't mean your people can lord over the Bosmer."
Calunorril: "If that's what you want to believe, Wood Elf …."

And speaking to him again, he'll say:

"You have a point, my friend—perhaps we're all in this together.
Seems it's the only way we'll get out of this war alive. Uptight as these High Elves are, they did save our skins."

If you told Harinlor you agree with the Altmer, they'll fight some more:

Harinlor: "Your people are oppressors disguised as our protectors! We don't need you—or your military!"
Calunorril: "You need to learn your place, Wood Elf. It's below my foot."

Try to talk to him again and he'll say, "You're all a bunch of tyrants!"


There is one achievement associated with this NPC:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Peacemaker.png Peacemaker 5 Help ease cultural tensions and reconcile the allies in Grahtwood.
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