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Build your own lurcher with special elemental powers.
Zone: Greenshade
Quest Giver: Benduin
Location(s): Bramblebreach
Reward: Guardians' Girdle
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
A water guardian fights a fire guardian
A Bosmer named Benduin wants to show me how to build a guardian with special powers.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Benduin.
  2. Gather the necessary components.
  3. Return to Benduin.
  4. Create a Guardian and challenge the others.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

North of the Labyrinth Wayshrine, there is a clearing inhabited by Lurchers which glow with strange colors. Walk into the middle of the clearing to meet Benduin, who apparently made the lurchers:

"I can't believe it. I finally figured it out. This ... this could change everything!
Our lurcher guardians--I've found a way to give each of them special powers!"
Why would you want to give a lurcher special powers?
"To make them more effective, of course! The guardians protect the village, and now we can imbue each of them with different elemental tactics
And the best part is that building them isn't even hard. It's easy!"
How do you build them?
"Well, you see ... the husks are the same, grown from local flora. It's the guardian's guts that make it special.
Bring me some thunderbug bellies, dew bugs, and hive seeds from outside the village, and I'll show you how to make one."
I'll be back with them.

The three ingredients he asks you to find are fairly easy to get, as they are all around the clearing. You can get Dew Bugs from Rain Flowers, Hive Seeds from Porous Rocks, and Thunderbug Bellies by killing Thunderbugs. Many Dew Bugs and Hive Seeds are surrounded by Swarming Wasps: they are quite weak but can be annoying as they come in three waves. Once you defeat all 3 waves, you can search their hive to possibly find some loot. Once you have them all, return to Benduin:

"That was fast, but I'm not surprised! Did you find the things we need to build you a guardian?"
Yes. Now what?
"Wonderful! Now comes the best part--mixing ingredients to give the guardian its powers.
Lightning bellies and hive seeds make a fire guardian. Hive seeds and dew bugs make a wooden guardian. Lightning bellies and dew bugs, a water guardian."
I get to choose which type of guardian we build?
"Yes. It'll be your guardian! Use the husk and build the one you want. Then we'll test it against the others.
Lead it over to challenge two other guardians. Tell you what--you can even use these healing roots to give your guardian an edge."

In front of you will be a guardian. When you examine it, you can make a guardian of each type. In three corners of the clearing are Guardian Opponents of each type. Lead your guardian to defeat any two, using the Healing Roots on it if its health decreases too much. The Healing Roots heal for 30% of the guardian's health and have a cooldown, but it's quite a short one. Once it has defeated two other guardians, return to Benduin:

"I've never seen a guardian fight like that! Incredible! You really know how to choose a champion!"
Thank you.
"This day will go down in our clan's history, and you helped make it happen!
Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to keep the guardians under control for very long, but I'm working on it!"


  • The Porous Rocks and Rain Flowers won't exist before starting the quest.
  • The required items and enemies can appear outside of the designated circles on the map.
  • Outside of healing your guardian, you cannot have any role into its fight against the guardian opponents.
  • Despite giving your guardian an element, during combat they won't have any new elemental attacks and will behave and use regular lurcher attacks.

Quest Stages[edit]

Handmade Guardian
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to gather dew bugs, thunderbug bellies, and hive seeds. Then I can bring them back to Benduin and see what he's talking about.
Objective: Collect Dew Bugs
Objective: Collect Thunderbug Bellies
Objective: Collect Hive Seeds
I collected the requested ingredients. I should speak to Benduin now to see what's next.
Objective: Talk to Benduin
Benduin gave be a husk and I can now choose which type of guardian I want to create.
Objective: Create a Guardian
Hidden Objective: Create a Fire Guardian
Hidden Objective: Create a Water Guardian
Hidden Objective: Create a Wooden Guardian
Now that I've created my own guardian, Benduin asked me to lead it over to challenge two of the other guardians.
Objective: Have Your Guardian Defeat Two Other Guardians
Objective Hint: Use Roots to Heal Guardian
Finishes quest☑ My guardian defeated two of the other guardians. I should talk to Benduin.
Objective: Talk to Benduin
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