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Location Balmora
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Hamsanam is a Khajiit found in Balmora on the east bank end of the southern bridge inside the city. He, Faylva, and Brolthiath are conversing about various topics depending on which quests in Vvardenfell you've completed.


Faylva: "House Telvanni still keeps slaves?"
Hamsanam: "How else do those lazy mages accomplish anything?"
Brolthiath: "But what about the Pact?"
Hamsanam: "House Telvanni stayed out of the Past. The wizards have no interest in mainland wars."
Brolthiath: "I mean, why doesn't the Pact put a stop to it?"
Hamsanam: "Would you like to tell the all-powerful mages to stop playing with their toys?"

After finishing the Sadrith Mora arc:

Hamsanam : "The Telvanni can't be happy these days."
Faylva : "You're talking about that slave revolt?"
Brolthiath : "Yeah. Their shipments have slowed down. A lot. I wonder what they'll do now."
Hamsanam : "Sadly, this one thinks they will simply find more slaves."