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Location Murkmire
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Gwinithor is a Bosmer who can randomly be encountered near the Bright-Throat Wayshrine. He can be found speaking with Chukka-Jee and J'ram-Hei, and futilely trying to learn the rules to the ball game teeba-hatsei.


As you approach the trio, you'll hear:

Chukka-Jee : "Strike the wall, and you gain one point. Unless it's raining, of course, and then you are awarded two."
J'ram-Hei : "The game is lost if the ball passes through the highest hoop. Unless the moons are both more than halfway full."
Gwinithor : "I just don't get it! What kind of game has this many rules? How do you remember them all?"

You can then ask him about his problem:

"I can't do it. Just can't wrap my head around how this silly game is played. I might as well give up now."
What's the problem?
"It's this hip and ball game. I've tried to understand it, but there's just too many rules for me to follow."
Why don't you just learn as you play?
"I don't want to play without even knowing the basics.
Say, you seem like a reasonable sort. Perhaps you know a little something about this sport? Just the most important rules, plainly spoken."
Hit the ball into the wall for one point. Lower hoop is three points. Upper hoop ends the game.
"Ah ha! All right, I think I have it now."
Hit the ball into the hoops for one point. If it bounces off the wall first, you get three points.
"I see. Yes, that sounds about right!"

If you told the correct information, then the following conversation will happen:

Gwinithor "All right, so hitting the wall earns you one point. The lower hoop earns you three points and the upper hoop ends the game. Isn't that right?"
Chukka-Jee "Finally, he gets it! Very well then. We will explain the other rules as we play. Perhaps that will be easier."

When you speak with him after he will thank you saying, "I finally get it! All I needed was for someone to lay it out for me. Thanks, friend!"

However, if you explain it to him wrong, Chukka-Jee will quickly cut his explanation of the rules short.

Gwinithor "The only way to score a point is to hit the ball through a hoop—."
Chukka-Jee "Wrong! If you cannot even learn the basics of hip and tail ball, you cannot play the sport. Now leave us be."

If you speak with him after, he will be very understanding, "Don't feel too bad, friend. I can't understand the rules either."