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Home City Necrom
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Priest
Other Information
Faction(s) Keepers of the Dead

Gromdred is a Nord priest who can be found in front of Sergius Sosia's Manor in Necrom.


"I met these Dark Elves as their lives drew to a close. I stood by the Keepers of the Dead when they prepared their shrines. It is … fitting … that I honor them as their people would."
"Be still, stranger. Listen. If I can learn to hear the dead of Necrom whispering to me, then perhaps I can teach my fellow priests in Skyrim how to hear our own dead."
"Surprised to see a Nord priest giving reverence to dead Dark Elves? You shouldn't be. In Skyrim, priests of Orkey entomb the dead. I came to Necrom to study from others who treat their dead with respect."