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Drive the rampaging giants out of Lower Yorgrim.
Zone: Eastmarch
Objective: Lower Yorgrim — Save Lower Yorgrim from the rampaging giants.
Quest Giver: Jorygg Bleakdawn near Windhelm
Eiraki Frostwind in the village
Location(s): Lower Yorgrim
Reward: Frostwind Axe
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High XP
ID: 4018
Burn the flesh
Giants have attacked the village of Lower Yorgrim, destroying everything in their path.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Eiraki Frostwind.
  2. Find Skorvild.
  3. Rescue the survivors and find the supplies.
  4. Return to Skorvild or Eiraki.
  5. If you return to Skorvild:
    • Kill the giant's leader.
    • Meet Skorvild by the rocks.
  6. If you return to Eiraki:
    • Kill Skorvild.
    • Return to Eiraki.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Giants have been harassing the citizens of Lower Yorgrim. Eiraki Frostwind's brother Skorvild is assembling a group of soldiers to drive them off. You will find Skorvild north of the fishing house with his troops. Speak with him.

"If you seek sanctuary, you've come to the wrong place.
This is my war council and you have interrupted its proceedings."
Your sister sent me. I'm here to help.
"I see. Dear Eiraki, always trying to help her big brother.
Well, while we formulate our plans to retake Lower Yorgrim, I suppose there is something you can do."
Tell me how I can help.
"Before we charge out to deal with the wolves and giants, we need someone to rescue any other villagers still trapped out there.
If you could get the civilians out of the way, that will be one less thing for me and my warriors to worry about."

Skorvild asks you to rescue any villagers who may be trapped in the village. He also asks you to collect supplies, which he claims conforms to a family tradition wherein warriors eat specific rations before battle.

Follow the quest markers in the village to find two trapped villagers and collect the Militia Supplies from around the village. You'll also end up finding Burj Hammerhurl, one of Skorvild's militia members, on the top floor of a ruined house. Talking to him reveals that things are not as they seem.

"Skorvild organized a militia. He wants to offer his services to the Skald-King. But something went wrong. He forced us to eat the disgusting rations he made. After that, the giants attacked Lower Yorgrim.
I think Skorvild drew the giants to us."
How did he do that?
"I don't know exactly, but I think it has something to do with the rations.
I … I looked in one of the sacks. His rations. He makes them from giant meat!"
Skorvild and his followers are eating the flesh of giants?
"Skorvild discovered a ritual in a secret room beneath the manor house. He's become more and more belligerent ever since.
You need to tell Eiraki about this. Bring the giant meat to her as proof. She'll know what to do.

You have a choice here: either join with Skorvild and his militia to conscript the giants, or warn Eiraki of her brother's behavior.

Siding with Skorvild[edit]

Return to Skorvild, who has now gone to the Old Manor house at the south end of town.

"You made it. It's about time!"
I rescued the villagers and recovered the supplies you wanted.
"That's better than I expected. You have proven yourself worthy enough to join my militia and share in the strength that will soon be ours.
Our strength will increase a thousandfold, more than enough to defeat the giants and all of Skyrim's enemies!"
How can you make us stronger?
"I know a ritual that makes the meat in those sacks very special. It imbues the person that consumes it with the spirit of the animal it came from.
But to show your dedication to our cause, you must eat some of the meat before I unlock its power."

You have a choice to eat the giant meat and join with the militia. If you choose not to, he will cast you out and allow you to continue the quest with Eiraki.

If you choose to eat the meat, Skorvild will tell you to kill the giant's leader. Follow the quest marker, kill the giant, and return to Skorvild to complete the quest.

Siding with Eiraki[edit]

Return to Eiraki at the Fish Head Tavern and let her know about her brother.

"Did you find Skorvild? Are you the one who rescued the villagers?"
Yes to both questions. And I know why the giants attacked. Skorvild's to blame.
"What? How could my brother cause the giants to attack Lower Yorgrim? That makes no sense! What proof do you have?"

You can tell her about the plot and she begs you to stop him. You can also choose to keep quiet and return to Skorvild to side with him.

Skorvild is now in the Old Manor house. Follow the quest marker up the hill and enter to find an empty house with meat hung all around. Skorvild is hiding in the basement in a Daedric shrine and will attack you on sight. Defeat him and go back upstairs to meet Eiraki.

"What happened? I heard a terrible commotion from below.
Did he—is my brother dead?"
He left me no choice.
"I understand. I will mourn for my brother later. Right now, we still have to do something about the giants."
What do you suggest?
"I don't know where the closest giant burial ground is, but perhaps if we burn the remains it will show them that we're sorry. That we want to be left in peace.
Use the fire right outside, then meet me at the fishing camp when the task is done."

Bring the giant meat to the large bonfire in the center of town. Once you interact with it, the remaining giants will go non-hostile. Return to the tavern and talk to Eiraki for your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

Giant Problems
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find Eiraki Frostwind in the fishing camp east of the bridge to Windhelm and see what I can do to help the people of Lower Yorgrim.
Objective: Talk to Eiraki Frostwind
Latest start Eiraki's brother Skorvild is gathering a force of warriors in a house north of the fishing camp. I should speak to him about how I can aid the village.
Objective: Talk to Skorvild Frostwind
Skorvild asked me to help the surviving villagers. He also wants me to gather supplies for his militia—rations made from an old family recipe.
Objective: Collect Supplies: 0/4
Objective: Rescue Villagers: 0/3
I found Burj. He explained that Skorvild and his militia have been eating the flesh of giants. That's why the giants are so enraged. I need to decide if I want to go along with Skorvild's plan or tell Eiraki the truth about her brother.
Complete one: Talk to Eiraki or Talk to Skorvild
I decided to join Skorvild and go along with his plan. I need to kill the leader of the giants to help bring the rest of the giants in line. I should be able to find him on the hill overlooking the village.
Objective: Kill the Giant Leader
(If you spoke with Skorvild)
☑Finishes quest Skorvild took some meat from the giant's leader and ran over to a stand of rocks. I should meet him there.
Objective: Talk to Skorvild Frostwind
I told Eiraki about Skorvild's plan. She believes that her brother has gone insane and she asked me to stop him from performing the ritual.
Objective: Stop Skorvild
(If you spoke with Eiraki)
I defeated Skorvild and stopped the ritual. I should use the ladder to exit the ritual chamber.
Objective: Leave the Ritual Chamber
Eiraki Frostwind met me in the manor house. I should speak to her and tell her what happened.
Objective: Talk to Eiraki Frostwind
Eiraki Frostwind has asked me to burn the remains of the giants as an offering of peace. Maybe that will appease the giants' rage.
Objective: Burn the Giant Remains
☑Finishes quest With the remains burned, the giants have calmed down. I should return to Eiraki at the fishing village and tell her what happened.
Objective: Talk to Eiraki Frostwind
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