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Home Settlement Vulkwasten
Location Tall Trunk Tavern
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Ganwen is a Bosmer dweller of Vulkwasten who can be found on the ground floor of the Tall Trunk Tavern.

Related Quests[edit]


During the quest:

"The melodies ease my mind. I like being around all these musicians."
I found a vase with your name on it.
"This is my daughter's. I gave it to Elorwen before she left Vulkwasten.
Where did you find it? Have you spoken to her?"
A ghost in a tomb led me to it.
"No, it can't be! My sweet daughter, dead?
She yearned for a new way of life. I begged her to stay. Now I'll never see her again."
I'm sorry for your loss.
"Elorwen! Those last words I said to her … I take it all back! Forgive me, love!
Please, go. I can't bear to speak of her anymore."

After the quest:

"I should've never let leave my side!"