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Aid the artisans who have been captured by the Vosh Rakh.
Zone: Wrothgar
Objective: Paragon's Remembrance — Save the Vosh Rakh prisoners at Paragon's Remembrance
Quest Giver: Drudun
Location(s): Paragon's Remembrance
Reward: Trinimac's Blessed Plackart
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 5464
A group of Orc artisans was heading to the new city of Orsinium when they were attacked by members of the Trinimac cult known as the Vosh Rakh and taken prisoner in the ruins of Paragon's Remembrance.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Razasha.
  2. Locate the kidnapped travelers.
  3. Kill the leader of the cult.
  4. Get the rescued travelers out safely.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • One of the items for the House of Orsimer Glories can be found on your way into Paragon's Remembrance. The Trinimac House Idol is found in a tent just to the right of the entrance.
  • Another trophy may be found on the way out of Paragon's Remembrance at the end of the quest. When you exit, carefully drop down the scaffolding to a platform below the exit level. There will be a skeleton wearing the Centurion's Signet. A heavy sack or chest may also be found on this platform at times.


  • Could not see prisoners when preparing to lead them out, which prevents completion of one of the optional objectives (talking to them). ?
    • Quitting game and restarting made them visible. Merely logging out to character select did not.

Quest Stages[edit]

Forcing the Faith
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I met an Orc artisan who claims to have been part of a caravan that was attacked by the Vosh Rakh. He says that he and one other member of the caravan escaped, but the rest were taken captive. I should find Razasha and see what she knows.
Objective: Talk to Razasha
I agreed to help Razasha and rescue Shaldagan and the other Orcs that were taken captive by the Vosh Rakh. I should enter the nearby ruins and look for the kidnapped travelers.
Objective: Locate the Kidnapped Travelers
There's a captive in a cage near Glothun the Recruiter. I should set him free.
Objective: Free Thorkh
Now that I set the captive free, I should talk to him and see what he can tell me about this place.
Objective: Talk to Thorkh
I freed Thorkh, one of the unwilling recruits brought to Paragon's Remembrance. According to Glothun's list I still need to find Shadalgan, Morushna, Batasha, and the two mages, Unsulag and Garhar.
Objective: Find Other Captives: 0/5
Objective Hint: Fill Bucket
Objective Hint: Extinguish Fire
Objective Hint: Talk to Shadalgan
Objective Hint: Rescue One of the Mages
Objective Hint: Talk to Rescued Mage
I freed as many of the cult's captives as I could. I should eliminate the leader of the cultists here in Paragon's Remembrance, Azhnura the Proselytizer. That should curtail the Vosh Rakh's recruitment efforts in Wrothgar.
Objective: Eliminate Azhnura the Proselytizer
I eliminated the Proselytizer and her lieutenants. Now I can find the back way out of there so that I can lead the freed captives to safety.
Objective: Find Paragon's Remembrance's Back Exit
Optional Step: Talk to Shaldagan at the Back Exit
I set all of the captured Orcs free. Now I need to safely lead them out of the ruins of Paragon's Remembrance.
Objective: Lead the Rescued Captives to Safety
Optional Step: Talk to Shaldagan at the Back Exit
Objective Hint: Exit Area
☑Finishes quest I led the rescued Orcs out of Paragon's Remembrance. I should talk to Razasha and make sure everyone's all right.
Objective: Talk to Razasha
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