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Empowered Soldier
Home Settlement Southern High Rock Gate
Northern Morrowind Gate
Eastern Elsweyr Gate
Location Eastern Elsweyr Gate, Northern Morrowind Gate, Southern High Rock Gate
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Empowered Soldier

Empowered Soldier is an Orc who was given the Blessing of the Whitestrake. She can be found at the Southern High Rock Gate, Northern Morrowind Gate, and the Eastern Elsweyr Gate. She was added for the Midyear Mayhem event, and spends her time listening to Sacerdote Aloisia along with the other Supplicants.


"I can feel my power for warfare is redoubled!
What fury! Let me at them!"
You've gotten the blessing, I take it?
"I sure did! I had my doubts, but after my fourth kill I felt like Pelinal himself! Exalted, you know? Plus, my superiors noticed, and I'm getting extra rewards!
Too bad they wouldn't let me drain the whole bowl. I could take on an entire legion!"