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Location Camp just west of Elden Root
Race Altmer Gender Female
Health (?)
Reaction (?)

Eminaire is an Altmer scholar who resides at her camp, which is located just west of the city of Elden Root.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-related Events[edit]

Ancient Stones, Ancient Woods[edit]

After retrieving the several Ayleid runestone fragments, you will find Eminaire.

'"Is that? Yes! I can tell by the runes. The slight alterations in the design and structure is unique to the Valenwood Ayleids. I would be greatly interested in reassembling and studying this tablet if you are willing to part with it."
I thought someone might be able to make use of it. It's yours.
"How exciting! We still have much to learn about the Ayleids that settled here. I am most glad you sought me out with this."

For seeing her about the runestone fragments and completing the quest, you will receive a reward in the form of some money and Abaede Pauldrons. When you have selected the relevant dialogue option to complete the quest, she will say:

"Thank you. A find like this is incredibly rare. It could greatly advance our understanding of the Valenwood Ayleids and their unique dialect. I must begin translating immediately!"

You can then ask her about the fragments and a bit about the Ayleid language.

What's so special about these fragments?
"Everyone knows the Ayleids left many secrets behind, and the more we understand about them the more we learn about what remains. Their language is part of this, and as the Ayleids migrated and split, variations of their language emerged."
And you're studying one of those variations?
"Correct. We already know there were cultural differences between the Ayleids of Cyrodiil and those that settled in Valenwood. Their language varies too, and is less understood than the more common Cyrodilic. Any writing we find here is significant."

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