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Eleth Madon
Home City Necrom
Location Necrom Necropolis
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Eleth Madon

Eleth Madon is a Dark Elf who can be encountered in Necrom during Keeper of the Fate.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You can find Eleth Madon outside the entrance to the Necropolis:

Ovis Fels: "How can we honor our ancestors if the Necropolis is closed?"
Prelate Faram: "The abbot ordered the closure for your own good, citizen. Curate Gadayn, make sure no one enters."
Curate Gadayn: "Prelate? Oh, of course. No one enters the Necropolis."
Eleth Madon: "The Necropolis is closed? Whoever heard of such a thing?"
Curate Gadayn: "Something about this doesn't feel right."

After this he will walk away and disappear.