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Elder Inril
Location The Moonless Walk
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Shadow Walkers
Elder Inril

Elder Inril is a Bosmer and one of the elders of the Shadow Walkers Clan found in their council room located high above the Moonless Walk.

Related Quests[edit]


"You've accomplished much, outsider. Survived the Moonless Walk, performed an honor deed. Well done!
I shall listen to your words and consider them with great respect. I promise you this much, at least. Now tell me. Why are you here?"
Molag Bal has lied to you. He'll never let you leave. Help me and you can return to Valenwood.
"You must understand. To simply accept the word of an outsider, to turn our backs on everything we believe. You ask much, stranger.
Still, Faraniel has been insistent about the very same concern. Tell me something to sway my opinion."
Response Dialogue
Open your eyes and stop being a fool. Molag Bal is destroying Nirn as we speak. "?"
My lady, Coldharbour's chains rip through Nirn. Valenwood will be destroyed unless we do something. "This news... disturbs me.
Thank you for sharing this information with us. Speak to the other elders while I consider what you have said."
Molag Bal's throwing a part of destruction, but you weren't invited. "?"
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