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Elder Gluin
Location The Moonless Walk
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Shadow Walkers
Elder Gluin

Elder Gluin is a Bosmer and one of the elders of the Shadow Walkers Clan found in their council room located high above the Moonless Walk.

Related Quests[edit]


"Spew forth your lies and be quick about it. I have a great many things to contemplate today."
Molag Bal is using you and he's going to destroy Valenwood. You need to leave, now.
"That annoying Faraniel has convinced you of her fables, hasn't she? I tire of this old argument.
But you did perform an honor deed. I shall give you one chance to convince me that we are being duped. Go ahead."
Response Dialogue
Lose the attitude and listen well. I've seen the anchors. They're destroying Nirn! "You speak with confidence and conviction. Very well, I shall consider your words.
A persistent fool may know more than an isolated genius. We shall see."
[verification needed — verify - taken from LANG file]
With all due respect, I've seen the chains destroying our world. It's horrendous! "I do not give a damn about your respect. What does the opinion of an outsider matter to me? I just want the truth.
I have listened to your words as the honor deed demanded. Now go away and leave me be."
[verification needed — verify - taken from LANG file]
I know this must be hard to hear, but I've seen the chains of destruction. "I require neither your pity nor your condolences. I have listened to your words, wild and fanciful though they may be, and given you your due for your honor deed.
Now away with you. I have other things to do."
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