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Echo of Rosalind
Home Settlement Westtry
Race Breton Gender Female
Health (?)
Reaction Neutral
Other Information
Condition Projection

Echo of Rosalind is a projection of Rosalind Milielle. She appears once you activate the signal fire during The Ghosts of Westtry and relives her actions during the Nordic invasion of the town. You follow in her footsteps until the scene with the Echo of Leon at their house. She cannot be interacted with.

Related Quests[edit]


Echo of Rosalind : "I hope they see this signal in Eagle's Brook. Now I should go see Edgard at the inn and make sure everyone is safe."

While looking for berries, she'll say:

Echo of Rosalind : "Edgard said Muriel needs hawthorn berries. The berries grow on low shrubs, right?"
Echo of Rosalind : "I wish Leon were here. He'd know if these were the right berries."
Echo of Rosalind : "I have to hurry. The injured need more healing poultices."
Echo of Rosalind : "I hope this will be enough."
Echo of Rosalind : "Leon made me a potion from these berries once. I remember now."
Echo of Rosalind : "This should do it. Now to head over to the apothecary."

At the apothecary's:

Echo of Rosalind : "I brought the hawthorn berries you need."

Treating the Injured Westtry Militia:

Echo of Rosalind : "Muriel's poultice should do the trick. Now get back into the fight!"
Echo of Rosalind : "Here, this poultice should help. Stay strong. Have you seen Leon by any chance?"
Echo of Rosalind : "Rest easy, soldier. I need to check on Leon."

At Leon's house, you'll hear the following scene:

Echo of Rosalind : "Leon! Leon, are you here?"
Echo of Leon : "I forsake the mercy of Stendarr and deliver myself to you, Molag Bal."
Echo of Rosalind : "What? Molag Bal? Leon, what have you done?"
Echo of Rosalind : "I will not condone this madness!"
Echo of Leon : "Rosalind?"
Echo of Leon : "No! What have I done? Rosalind! Please!"
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