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ON-icon-achievement-Dousing Exterminator.png Dousing Exterminator
Type Scribes of Fate Achievements
Points 50
Needed for
Defeat Ozezan the Inferno after raising the Challenge Banner in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.

Dousing Exterminator is awarded for defeating Ozezan the Inferno in Scrivener's Hall on Veteran difficulty level, after raising the challenge banner, which makes the fight more difficult by the following:

  • The enemies will be generally stronger.
  • Demolition (Ozezan's attack with flaming rays following players after she moves) will target all four players instead of two.
  • More Broodlings. Some will be spawned during Demolition attack. Mass Broodling spawn will also have one of them turned into Evolved Broodling immediately.[verification needed — also more of them turn into Evolved form on hardmode?]
  • Added Blood Boil mechanic: Ozezan will leech blood from all group members. To break the link, you need to dodge twice. It also applies healing debuff.[verification needed — if not dodged quick enough?]
  • Corpulent Coagulant adds.[verification needed — do these spawn if someone fails to dodge leech mechanic?]
  • Starting from 35% health, Ozezan will be summoning Iron Atronachs.

In order to place the challenge banner, you will have to defeat Riftmaster Naqri in Hardmode as well.