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Cornelius Melitus
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Hall of Refined Techniques
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Clothier
Cornelius Melitus

Cornelius Melitus is an Imperial clothier found selling his wares on the upper floor of the Hall of Refined Techniques in the Brass Fortress.


"Mages are the absolute worst with their clothing. The burn marks, the oil smudges, the stains of unknown origins. It's a crying shame."
"I find that sewing helps regulate the mind. The few apostles I've convinced to take up the craft have told me it's done wonders for their concentration."
"You'll want to make a good first impression in this city. Unless you're keen on chopping off an arm and adding some brass, I'd recommend a new outfit."
"I would never trust a factotum with a thread and a needle. Sure, they're good for pouring slop into your bowl, but a clothier needs a sense of creativity."