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Codus ap Dugal
Kvatch Arena Master
Home City Kvatch
Location Kvatch Arena
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Codus ap Dugal

Codus ap Dugal is the Imperial Arena Master of Kvatch Arena. He is also the estranged brother of Governor Fortunata ap Dugal.

Related Quests[edit]


If spoken to while not on the related quest, he will greet you with one of the following:

"Don't jump up onto the field unless you want to become part of the act."
"Organizing fights is the easy part. It's cleaning up after them that's murder."
"A gladiator's life is simple. Fight and live or fight and die. Sometimes I envy that."
"You want to get in on a fight card, just hop in the pit. I don't give billing to walk-ins."

The Roar of the Crowds[edit]

"You want tickets, talk to the front counter. You want a refund, go jump in the sea. All sales are final."
I want to face your best gladiator in the arena.
"Oh, do you now? Look, if I don't know you, you aren't worth knowing. You want to earn a name worthy of being on the same card as one of our champions, get in the put and start drawing in some crowds!"
That's it? I don't have to sign anything?
"Find yourself in that pit and your life is property of this arena until you claw your way out. Manage that and there's a hefty purse waiting on the other side. That's the contract in full. Don't expect me to waste paper to put it to writing."
What should I expect once I'm inside?
"You'll face whatever I can pull together for the day's events, and even I don't often know what that'll be much in advance. Criminals, heretics, wild beasts. If you can't roll with the punches, at least leap to your grave. The crowd loves that."
Your name sounds familiar. Any relation to Fortunata ap Dugal?
(Before A Special Request):
"If you're friendly with my sister, don't expect any special treatment. Fixed fights don't draw crowds. If you've got a problem with her, take it to Anvil. Nobody holds sway over the Pirate Queen, least of all me."
(After A Special Request):
"My sister and I were estranged long before she tumbled drunk off her balcony and went splat on the ground. This is my arena. I set the fights and make the rules. If you've got a problem with that, you can direct your complaints to the nearest bear."

Upon completing the arena:

"Akatosh take me, I did not see that coming! You've got a future in this bloody work, mark my words."
I'm here to claim my reward.
"And a well-earned reward it is! I haven't seen a beating that brutal since the Spear Sisters bested the Iron Lion in nothing but their smallclothes. Here's the victory purse. I suggest you live a little before your next dance with death!"