High Isle


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Home Settlement Amenos Station
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Chal-Jat is an Argonian who can be found in Amenos Station.


Chal-Jat will occasionally speak with Dreythan Ras. Before completing Escape from Amenos [verification needed — see talk page]:

Dreythan Ras: "Did you hear? The Green Serpents signed on with some noble wizard. Calls himself the Ascendant Magus. I think they were involved in the trouble in the jungle."
Chal-Jat : "Aren't the Green Serpents involved in most of the trouble that happens in the jungle?"

If you speak with Chal-Jat:

"Got any gold to spare? Maybe some food? I'll take anything you're willing to part with."

After completing Escape from Amenos:

Dreythan Ras: "What was all that about nobles lost in the jungle?"
Chal-Jat : "I don't know. Something about shipwrecks from the freak storm. But I heard someone went out there and saved them!"

After completing The Ascendant Storm

Dreythan Ras: "It seems there was an attack on All Flag Islet. The Ascendant Order. Same rogue knights who stirred up all that trouble in the jungle."
Chal-Jat : "All Flags? Why would anyone attack that old place? It's nothing but memories and rotting memorials to something that happened a long time ago."

After completing A Chance for Peace:

Dreythan Ras: "I heard that the nobles turned out to be High King Emeric and some other royals. They had a party in Gonfalon Bay."
Chal-Jat : "And we weren't invited? Feh. Everything good happens on High Isle, not Amenos."

After completing the objective in the Ghost Haven Bay, you may have this conversation appear:

Dreythan Ras: "You hear the spirits are loose from Ghost Haven Bay? Two crews come into harbor claiming they saw a ghost ship!"
Chal-Jat : "How does a ship have a ghost?"

Their dialogue will also change to the below, but this will be overridden with the normal dialogue once another story quest conversation is achieved:

"I once heard of a haunted canoe in Murkmire that would cry as it drifted along. Turned out to just be a swamp jelly stuck under the oars."

After the Brokerock Mine Objective is completed:

Dreythan Ras: "Brokerock Mine is finally back in service. I heard the prison labor was back in force now that those crab monsters are mostly under control."
Chal-Jat : "I hear some of those creatures are good eating!"

Speaking to her:

"Why does everyone look at me so strangely when I ask about eating Hadolids? They look just like shellfish!"
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