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Capiton Sibylla
Home City Anvil
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Capiton Sibylla

Capiton Sibylla is an Imperial who can be found in Anvil. He spends his time cleaning the sidewalk infront of the Anvil Repository for the very demanding Isabelle Vyau. He cannot be spoken to.


Isabelle Vyau : "Sibylla! We're running a bank, not a Baandari swap meet. These cobblestones look like they were dragged through a sick troll's dung!"
Capiton Sibylla : "I'm sorry, your grace, but these pirates' boots ain't exactly sanitary"
Isabelle Vyau : "Ah ah ah! The only P-word we use here is "privateer." And also "profit." And occasionally "paid off." But never pirate! Now find a way to clean this walkway or find yourself another job!"
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