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Caledonia Lentinus
Location Vaermina's Shrine
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Supernal Dreamers
Caledonia Lentinus

Caledonia Lentinus is an Imperial member of the Supernal Dreamers found at the Vaermina's Shrine located in Cyrodiil.

She can be found sitting on a bench in front of the shrine, listening to Molacar's lectures about Vaermina. She can be spoken to to learn more.


"Nightcaller Molacar inspires me. His interpretation of Vaermina's sendings in our dreams has shown us our true path."
Tell me about Vaermina.
"Gladly, pilgrim. She is the greatest of Daedric Princes, mistress of dreams and nightmares. All come under her sway as they sleep.
We supernal dreamers are her worshippers, spreading word of her divinity across Tamriel."