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Help an old Redguard pirate garner passage to Anvil.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Quest Giver: Captain Khammo
Location(s): Horseshoe Island
Reward: Belt of the Sightless Pirate
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High

A blind Redguard pirate is willing to share his treasure with anyone who can transport him to Anvil, even the Wood Elves harassing him.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Captain Khammo.
  2. (Optional) Scare off the bandits.
  3. Convince Deros to take Khammo to Anvil.
  4. Recover Khammo's treasure.
  5. Return to Khammo.
  6. Talk to Deros.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Blind Man's Bluff
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Captain Khammo wants me to soften up his harassers with a little beating before demanding passage for him. Or, I can try to convince their leader Deros to transport Captain Khammo to Anvil.
Objective: Convince Deros to Transport Captain Khammo
Optional Step: Scare off Deros' Broken Coast Bandits
Optional Step: Tell Deros You Scared off His Friends
As expected, Deros agreed to transport Captain Khammo for a share of his treasure. Now to get the treasure from Captain Khammo.
Objective: Talk to Captain Khammo
Captain Khammo's in no shape to fight the Maormer, so he gave me the location of his buried treasure. I just need to recover it from caves around Horseshoe Island.
Objective: Dig up the Treasure
Objective Hint: Take the Flagons
Objective Hint: Take the Chunks of Meat
Objective Hint: Take the Fish Bones
The chests buried around Horseshoe Island were filled with garbage. I should tell Captain Khammo the bad news.
Objective: Talk to Captain Khammo
Though Captain Khammo seems to believe his junk is treasure, I'm not sure Deros will stick to the original deal, especially since his only share will be some fish bones.
Objective: Talk to Deros
☑Finishes quest Deros may not like the treasure he received, but he agreed to take Captain Khammo to Anvil. I should tell Captain Khammo the good news.
Objective: Talk to Captain Khammo
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