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Location Frostedge Camp
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Bjorynolf is a Nord who can be found being held captive at Frostedge Camp as part of the quest At Frost's Edge.

Related Quests[edit]


At Frost's Edge[edit]

Upon discovering Bjorynolf, he will say:

"You're not one of the bandits. Help me!"
How did they capture you?
"They got me in the forest. We were gathering firewood. Dedring, my brother, tried to fight. They split his skull with an axe.
I thought I was a dead man until you arrived."
Let me untie you.
"Shor's bones! Thank you! I'd like to kill every one of these bandits, but I'm no fighter. I'm glad you are!
Kill a few for Dedring. I'll buy you a drink back at the village."

Back at the village Bjorynolf will say:

"I can't believe this. First, bandits. Now the Covenant!
I wish Dedring was here."