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Location Beneath The Dominus Fatum
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Bar-Goh is an Argonian who can occasionally be found under The Dominus Fatum. He is rather casual about the unusual circumstances of having a ship precariously resting above him, and even considering growing mushrooms due to the water coming off the wreck.


When you speak to him, he'll greet you with one of two lines:

"I'm considering planting mushrooms here. The old wreck provides ample shade and the trickle of rain lasts many days longer under its leaky trunk.
There would be the risk of it all coming down on my head, but that is just the way of things."
"Be mindful of your head. This is a fruitful place to gather termite larva, if you are wary of the occasional falling plank."
Is that a ship above us?
"Once, I think. Sithis tired of it and returned it to the trees. The Changer is boundless in its creativity, yes?"
Do you know how it got there?
"I do not, but I saw Am-Lai guiding a mahleel to the ridge above. Imperials seem to have interests in such things.
You'll have to go through the Sunken Bulwark, east of here, to get up there. Do not pay too steep a price for your curiousity