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Location Shadows Crawl
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction (?)

Anglorn is a Bosmer found in the ruins of Shadows Crawl.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Stone Cold: Drive the stone men out of the Driladan Clan's new home.


missing dialogue?
What happened?
"I'm from Clan Drilladan. Undead attacked our village weeks ago. We fled here and found this place just … abandoned. No one here.
It seemed perfect, so we settled in, and then these stone men—the Hollow—just burst from the ground and attacked!"
Your people are under attack right now?
'"Yes! We're no strangers to battle, but these Hollow … they're unstoppable. Strike one down and another comes forth.
Please. If you are as able as you look, Indanas still fights to drive them back. She needs help … and fast!"
I'll go look for Indranas [sic] then.

If spoken to after Stone Cold is completed:

"Is it over? We can stay? I almost find it had [sic] to believe.
Thank you though. You have no idea how much."
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