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Alessiac Bargeron
Home City Leyawiin
Location Leyawiin Docks
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 25,974
Reaction Friendly
Alessiac Bargeron

Alessiac Bargeron is a Breton navigator who can be found at the docks in Leyawiin. He can take you to the other alliances.


He seems unhappy.

"Anxious to weigh anchor and find solace for a broken heart out on the open sea? I know I am!
Where to, my friend?"
"You saw the Temple of Zenithar, I'm sure. Everyone sees it. Then falls in love with it. Then leaves you for it. I mean … oh, never mind.
Ready to travel when you are!"
"Leyawiin's quite beautiful, isn't it? Stable, lasting, steadfast and true. Unlike certain capricious bards I know!
Enough of that. Where to, my friend?"
Take me to Mournhold.
Take me to Wayrest.
Take me to Elden Root.