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Adept Irnard Rirnil
Home City Skingrad
Location The Scholarium
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild, Order of the Lamp
Adept Irnard Rirnil

Adept Irnard Rirnil is a Breton adept of the Mages Guild who can be initially found in Skingrad, outside the entrance to the local chapters of the Mages Guild, next to the portal to the Scholarium. After completion of The Second Era of Scribing he appears in the Scholarium.

Related Quests[edit]


He can be found by the Scribing Altar.

If you speak with him after the completion of the Wing of the Indrik, but not during the completion of any other quest related to the Scholarium:

"If you'll excuse me, I've got Mages Guild business on the mind. I'm sure you're keeping busy, too!"

If spoken to after completing the Scribing questline:

"Amazing how far we've come since that day I first flagged you down.
I'd like to think I played an integral part to all of this! Being loud enough to catch your attention certainly has its benefits."

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

The Second Era of Scribing[edit]

As you pass by him in Skingrad, Wayrest, or Shornhelm you can overhear:

Adept Irnard Rirnil: "Over here! I just need a moment of your time!"

You can talk to him:

If you aren't a member of the Guild:
If you are a member of the Guild, but did not restore Eyevea yet:
If you restored Eyevea:
"You stopped! Thank you. There are plenty of you adventuring types running around, but everyone else seemed eager to ignore me.
The Mages Guild is looking for someone with an explorer's grit to help us with a bit of a predicament."
What kind of predicament?
"You stopped! Thank you, adept. I've been asked to find one of our more adventurous members, someone that could lend a situation fresh eyes.
You look like just the person to help with our predicament."
What kind of predicament?
"You stopped, amazing! The adept that helped return Eyevea to Nirn ….
Ah, sorry. Vanus Galerion himself asked me to find you. We have a bit of a predicament."
What kind of predicament?

If you received the quest before speaking to Irnard, your response is changed to the following:

I know, I got your message. What's this all about?
"The Archmagister asked that I not say too much in earshot of my guildmates.
Let's just say it's a magical anomaly. Untamed power from an unknown source. Plenty to catch a mage's interest, but that's just the trouble. It could be highly dangerous."
Is the Mages Guild keeping this a secret?
"For now. Power draws mages like moths to a flame, we're a little hopeless that way.
Votary Nahlia, a knight from the Order of the Lamp, is on the scene. She needs someone to help her explore this anomaly and assess the danger. What do you say?"
I'll help Votary Nahlia assess this magical anomaly.
"Excellent. The anomaly is in an old complex called Sunnamere beneath the Sunhold Mages Guild.
Good luck. Hopefully the rest of us won't be far behind you."
What else can you tell me about Votary Nahlia?
"Take my word for it, she's one of our best. Professional. Highly focused. A tad overworked, maybe.
Some say knights in the Order of the Lamp are just failed mages. Those people haven't met Nahlia."
She's a knight that uses magic?
"She's got an incredible aptitude for portal magic, taught me everything I know. She'd have made a fine adept if she didn't love that sword so much ….
At least, I think she loves it. She's hard to read these days. Very focused on work, like I said."
What is her title, Votary?
"Other knights throw around honorifics like Sir and Dame. It's like that, a way for members to distinguish themselves. It speaks to their vows to the order, and to their role as a light to defend the guild."
Can you tell me more about the Order of the Lamp?
"They fill many roles, often acting as bodyguards for powerful members or guardians of ancient magics.
There aren't many knights in the order, especially compared to the number of mages in the guild."
Why aren't there many knights in the order?
"The standard for knights inducted into the order soar higher than Ceporah Tower. We don't just take anyone who can swing a blade.
Especially these days."
Why have I never heard of the Order of the Lamp before?
"Well, rumor is that Archmagister Vanus formed the order to lend legitimacy to the Mages Guild, back when it was founded. That's not really a problem anymore.
The knights are brave, skilled, and true. But the order doesn't have much clout these days."
The order is fading away?
"Don't let Nahlia hear you say that. But yes, Votaries of the Order of the Lamp are a rare sight in Tamriel these days.
And likely to get rarer as the years roll on."
What do you know about the anomaly?
"Precious little, I'm afraid. They broke through an old wall to get at it.
Votary Nahlia can fill you in on the details, but I heard one of the other knights mention it's old, deep magic. Makes sense, given the age of Sunnamere."
Sunnamere is a guild hall?
"No, Sunnamere predates the founding of the Mages Guild by, oh, a thousand years or so?
It's an ancient library, I think, lots of dusty tomes and some esoteric stories from all across Tamriel."

After the end of the conversation, he will open portal to Sunnamere

Adept Irnard Rirnil: "Nahlia and the others are inside. Stay safe in there."

The Wing of the Indrik[edit]

After you receive the sigil from the Indrik he will already arrive to the Scholarium. You can talk to him:

"This is all so exciting! I can barely keep myself from spreading it around the rest of the guild."

The Wing of the Netch[edit]

If you interact with Irnard during the related quest:

"Do you think any of these Luminaries want to meet me? I'll have to pop my head in those doors and introduce myself soon."

After receiving the challenge from the Netch you may ask him about his advice:

"Everyone keeps talking about these odd things happening to them. They're saying it's this Netch Luminary. Funny enough though, nothing's happened to me.
Wait. Does that mean the Netch doesn't like me?"
The Netch asked me to complete these favors. Any advice on which I should do?
"Oh, the Imperial City. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how dangerous it is there right now.
Daedra aren't the only roaming enemy that'll run you through first chance they get. Blessings to you if you choose that one, but stay safe."

The Wing of the Dragon[edit]

If you interact with Irnard during the related quest:

"I read that Fable of the Dragon too. This Luminary in the Wing of the Dragon … she's not a real Dragon, is she?
A real Dragon in here! Can you imagine? No, no. Surely not."

If you speak to him after return from the Wing of the Dragon:

"You know, I'd like to find a way to help out around here. Everyone's got their assignments, and they're all just telling me to stay out of the way!
I do that well enough, but I'd like to do more."
Can you help me with one of these riddles?
"Delightful! Hmm. This Riddle of War, here. That must be Cyrodiil.
I interpret this to mean you're hunting treasures in Haynote Cave, Cracked Wood Cave, and Toadstool Hollow."
Thank you, Irnard.

The Wing of the Gryphon[edit]

If you interact with Irnard during the related quest:

"Heard about the pest problem, have you? Quite confounding.
To think we've reclaimed this priceless trove of ancient resources only to fall victim to rats. Or what have you."

After your return from the Wing of the Gryphon:

"I'm glad we got the pest problem from earlier sorted. Llaren and Julian had me crawling under the most awful and dusty places looking for rats, spiders, you name it.
No more of that, thank you very much."
Do you have any insight into any of these tasks?
"Let's see. Ah, Cyrodiil. War-torn indeed.
These Ayleid ruins are more or less equal distance around Lake Rumare, and no matter who holds what, you'll likely be crossing enemy territory. I'd try to hide or run, but you may prefer to fight."

The Wing of the Crow[edit]

If you interact with Irnard during the related quest:

"That unmarked wing is unlocked, is it? How exciting! I'm eager to hear what sort of trial awaits you on the other side."

If you speak to him after returning to the Scholarium from Eastmarch with the Sigil of the Crow:

"I saw everyone gathered, so I assumed there must be something going on!"

If you speak to him after you place the sigil on the altar:

"You and Nahlia certainly had your work cut out for you. Well done!
And now, with all the cataloging and reporting to superiors, I suppose I'll have my work cut out for me."
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