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Player and modder tools provide a rich assortment of features for both novice users up to advanced modders. Listed here are the most used features of such tools.

Novice players should scan the first several sections of this list, but skip the last section (Modding) which focusses on features that only modders will need.

Mod Management[edit]

General Mod Management
Install/Uninstall Mods
  • Install and uninstall mods.
  • OBMM

Mod Reconciliation[edit]

Leveled List Merging
  • Merge changes to the same leveled list by different mods, so that all additions, deletions and releveling appear during gameplay.
  • Wrye Bash: Bashed Patch: Leveled Lists
Load Ordering
  • Set the relative load order of mods in order to specify which mod wins in case of conflicts.
  • OBMM
  • Wrye Bash
Record Merging
  • Merge changes to different parts of the same record by different mods.
  • Wrye Bash: Bashed Patch. Provides automated merging of many record types based on load-order and mod tagging.
  • Tes4Edit. Allows manual merging of virtually all record types.
  • TES4Gecko Utility. Semi-automated merging of some record types.

Savegame Management[edit]

General Management
  • Move, rename, duplicate savegames.
  • Note: some OBSE extensions (e.g. pluggy) add "cofiles", which must move moved, renamed and duplicated in sync with changes to savegame files.
  • Wrye Bash (also supports cofiles).
Load Masters
  • Reset active mod list to match master mod list of a given save. Prevents accidental addition or removal of mods from list.
  • Wrye Bash.
  • Allow the user to switch between different sets of savegames. Switching should also switches the set of loaded files. Typically this is used for switching between different characters, and sometimes different users.
  • Wrye Bash.

Savegame Repair[edit]

Animation Slowing
Hair Bug
  • Repair the bug that causes a CTD when using showRaceMenu after a previously used hair adding mod has been removed.
  • Wrye Bash: Use "Repair Hair" command on savegame.
Relevel NPCs
  • Relevel NPCs in savegame to altered levels from newly added/removed mods. (Usually only necessary if adding/removing an overhaul mod after starting a game.)
  • Wrye Bash: Update NPC Levels
Remove Bloat
  • Remove bloat due to misbehaving mods. ("Bloating" is unconstrained growth of savegame filesize (e.g. to sizes greater than 20 Mb).
  • Wrye Bash: Remove Bloat

Savegame Tweaking[edit]

Face Transplantation
In Game Formid
  • Determine the modindex of a mod in order to determine the in-game formid of an object added by a mod.
  • OBMM
  • Wrye Bash: Modindex of loaded mods is shown in second column of Mods tab.
Rename Created Items
  • Rename items created in-game (potions; spells; enchanted armor, clothes, weapons).
  • Wrye Bash
Spell Deletion
  • Delete spells from the players spell book.
  • Wrye Bash: Delete Spells.


BSA Browsing/Editing
  • Browse and edit BSA archives.
  • OBMM
Back Versioning
  • Change a mod file to an older version of the mod file so that it may be edited by the older version of the TESCS.
  • Wrye Bash: Use Version 0.8 command.
Esmify/Espify Mods
  • Change an esp to an esm and vice versa.
  • Note: Esp vs. esm is primarily determined by a bit in the file and secondarily determined by the file extension. Hence a .esp file can act like a .esm in many ways.
  • Wrye Bash: Copy to Esm/Esp. Esmify/Esmify Self. Esmify/Espify Masters.
Mod Translation