Oblivion:The Great Chapel of Julianos

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The Great Chapel of Julianos
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# of Zones 3
Primate Valandrus Abor
Healer Marie Palielle
Priest Tumindil
Console Location Code(s)
SkingradChapelofJulianos, SkingradChapelHall, SkingradChapelUndercroft
The Great Chapel of Julianos in Skingrad

The Great Chapel of Julianos is in southeast Skingrad, across the street from Shameer's and Tamika's houses. This chapel specializes in Intelligence and Willpower.

The building is divided into the Great Chapel of Julianos, the Chapel Hall, and the Chapel Undercroft.

The Knights of the Nine official plug-in adds several new books to this chapel, as detailed below.

The Great Chapel of Julianos[edit]

The Great Chapel of Julianos

The three doors to the chapel lead into an entrance elevated two steps from the main room. A small set of stairs in the middle leads down to two doors to the undercroft, and one to the chapel hall. The main cathedral altar is at the end of the main room, and the edges of the room hold an altar to each of the Nine Divines. All three residents can often be found here.

Chapel Hall[edit]

The chapel hall
A room

Upon entering the Chapel Hall, two barrels to the immediate right contain food. The door on this wall leads to a storage-cum-dining room; the four barrels here contain food, as do the five untied sacks. The two tied sacks contain clutter. The table opposite the door holds two loaves of bread, two pumpkins, two oranges, three apples, three tomatoes, three cheese wedges, three strawberries, three blackberries, two bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine, and a bottle of Tamika's West Weald Wine. The wine racks in this room hold 19 bottles of cheap wine. The bookshelf in this room holds a copy of the Restoration skill book The Exodus.

The door opposite the first room leads to a room containing two single beds, and a desk opposite containing clutter and/or a common book, but on top sits a copy of the Mysticism skill book 2920, Sun's Dawn. At the far end of the main room, a set of stairs leads down in either direction; the one on the right leads down to a small bedroom with a clutter chest and a bottle of Surilie Brothers Wine, a clothing cupboard, and a desk that contains clutter and possibly a common book.

The large bedroom opposite the main door of the Chapel Hall has a double bed opposite the door. Upon entering, a chest to the right holds clutter, as does the chest of drawers next to it, and two bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine sit on top of it. The cupboard here contains clothing. On the other end of the room can be found a chest that also contains clutter, as does the desk next to it, along with a possibility of a common book, and two apples on top.

Chapel Undercroft[edit]

The haunted undercroft

Both sets of stairs to the Undercroft reveal a large room with a tomb and altar on each side. Two sets of stairs on the east wall lead down to a small area with another two tombs. The stairs in the southern corner lead to a small area with a single tomb, an altar, and a skeleton on the ground. The stairs in the western corner lead to another small single tomb-and-altar, this time without the skeleton.

Differences with Knights of the Nine[edit]

With the Knights of the Nine official plug-in, a copy of volume 3 of The Song of Pelinal is added to the table in the main room of the chapel hall beside the door to the storage/dining room. Volume 7 can be found on the bookshelf in the storage/dining room along with a copy of Shezarr and the Divines. The Adabal-a can be found on the dining table. A copy of The Knights of the Nine can be found on the table next to the door to the small bedroom with two beds.


Marie Palielle Trainer (Basic)Restoration (Basic)
Tumindil Restoration Spells
Valandrus Abor

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