Oblivion:The Elven Garden Sewers

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The Elven Garden Sewers
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# of Zones 3
Mythic Dawn Guards
Raven Camoran
Important Treasure
1 boss-level Chest 01
1 Illusion Skill Book
Console Location Code(s)
ImperialSewersElvenGardens01, ImperialSewersElvenGardens02, ImperialSewersElvenGardens03
The sewer system under the Imperial City Elven Gardens District
The Elven Garden Sewers entrance in Elven Gardens District

The Elven Garden Sewers are a medium-sized sewer system under the Imperial City Elven Gardens District containing goblins. It contains three zones: The Elven Garden Sewers, Sunken Sewers, and Sewer Waterworks.

Related Quests[edit]


  • The entrance to the sewer is a manhole in the southeast quadrant of the Elven Gardens District, in the courtyard behind Ra'Jhan's House.
  • You will travel through this sewer system during the quest The Path of Dawn. Until that quest, you will be unable to make it past the first room in the Sunken Sewers. The other two zones of the sewers can be fully explored at any time.
  • The Mythic Dawn Guards and Raven Camoran are only found in the Sunken Sewers, and are only accessible after the related quest has been started, along with all of the valuable treasure in this sewer system. The goblins are only found in the Sewer Waterworks.
  • One minor bug with this sewer system is that the two of the zones are not oriented properly. The Elven Garden Sewers zone appears to be aligned correctly, given that the basement doors are in the correct locations relative to the house locations on the surface. However, the other two zones are not rotated. Therefore, the doors between the zones technically should not all line up correctly.

Zone 1: The Elven Garden Sewers[edit]

Key to Maps
The Elven Garden Sewers
The Elven Garden Sewers

This zone of the sewer system actually consists of two disconnected halves. The northeast section of the zone is entered through the door Out from the Elven Gardens District. The exit (at door F) leads to the third zone, the Sewer Waterworks, which serves as the connector between the two halves of the Elven Garden Sewers. From that connector, you re-emerge into the southwest section of the zone through door E. There are two exits from the southwest section, doors C and D, both of which lead to the same room in the second zone.

From the main entrance (Out), the main path forward is to head southeast, opening the door at L using the adjacent Turn Wheel (cyan dot) on your way to door F. Treasure seekers may wish to explore north of the entrance, where there are a few treasure chests that can be accessed once the two Slough Gates (I and J) are opened; thieves will also want to take advantage of the two basement entrances to houses. On the related quest, Baurus will not head into the northern area. However, if you choose to explore he will wait for you before proceeding.

The second half of the dungeon, from entrance E to doors C or D is straightforward. It is easy to overlook the two chests found in the final room. Thieves may want to take a detour to Fathis Ules' basement (door K), although Fathis is a Thieves Guild member.



Doors and Gates:

  • There are eight doors in/out of this zone
    • 1 door (at Out) leads outside
    • 2 doors (at C and D) lead to the zone Sunken Sewers. Both doors lead to the same room; the main difference is that D is at an upper level. During the related quest, Baurus suggests that he should use door C while you use door D.
    • 2 doors (at E and F) lead to the zone Sewer Waterworks. The doors each connect to an opposite end of the zone.
    • 3 doors (at G, H, and K) lead out of the dungeon to Othrelos' Basement, Irene Metrick's Basement, and Fathis Ules' Basement, respectively (all of which are houses in the Elven Gardens District). Using any of these trapdoors is considered trespassing. However, none of the doors are locked.
  • 2 Slough Gates at I and J. Both gates are opened by the same Turn Wheel (cyan dot on map), located in between the two gates on the southeast wall of the room.
  • 1 Sewer Door at L. Opened by the Turn Wheel (cyan dot) located on the wall west of the door. This handle only works once, to open the gate. Following that, the gate remains permanently open, and activating the Turn Handle does nothing (there is not even an animation).

Zone 2: Sunken Sewers[edit]

Sunken Sewers
The desk at which you will meet Raven Camoran in The Path of Dawn

This zone is entered through door D. However, until the related quest has been started, the two gates (I and J) leading to the rest of the zone cannot be opened: the key to open the gates can only be obtained from the enemies located on the other side of the gate. Therefore, everything of interest in the zone (including the only valuable treasure and the most difficult enemies of this sewer system) are inaccessible.

Once the gates have been opened, it is possible to travel through the zone to the exit door at H, leading to the Talos Plaza Sewers. The shortest route back to the surface is through the Talos Plaza Sewers.



Doors and Gates:

  • There are three doors in/out of this zone
  • 2 Gates at I and J (both locked, key required, opened by Sunken Sewers Key)


  • 2 beds at locations b on map

Zone 3: Sewer Waterworks[edit]

Sewer Waterworks

This zone serves as a connector between the two halves of the Elven Garden Sewers, to which both the entry (F) and exit (E) doors lead. The only obstacle in the zone comes from the presence of two vertical levels: door E is at an upper level, so you need to loop through a couple extra rooms to reach the stairs from the lower level to the upper level.



Doors and Gates: