Oblivion:Sneak Training

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Steal an item from the master of sneak to persuade her to train you.
Quest Giver: Mirabelle Monet at The Fo'c's'le or Othrelos in the Elven Gardens District
Location(s): Temple District, Imperial City
Reward: Master Sneak Training
ID: TrainingSneak
Required Level: Sneak skill of 70
Gently does it... getting closer to the target

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Once you have a Sneak skill of 70, speak with Mirabelle Monet at The Fo'c's'le in Anvil or Othrelos in the Elven Gardens District.
  2. Speak to Marana Rian in the Imperial City to receive the task you must complete before she agrees to train you.
  3. Steal her special coin to prove yourself worthy of training.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Steal from the Master[edit]

The two advanced trainers who can give you the master training reference necessary to start this quest are Mirabelle Monet in The Fo'c's'le and Othrelos living in the Elven Gardens District of the Imperial City. They will direct you to the master, Marana Rian.

Marana will ask you to steal a special coin from her as a requirement for further training. It's quite easy if you're good at sneaking (which you must be in order to receive master training); the coin is in her pocket. If her disposition is high enough towards you, you can simply take it without it being reported as a crime. Keep in mind that the same rules apply for this as for any pickpocketing. Once you have succeeded, she will agree to train you.

Journal Entries[edit]

Sneak Training (TrainingSneak)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 For more training in Sneaking, I need to find Marana Rian in the Imperial City.
20 In order to get Marana Rian to train me, I must steal a coin from her pocket without her noticing, and return it to her.
100 Finishes quest☑ Marana Rian has agreed to train me in Sneaking.
200 Finishes quest☑ Marana Rian is dead. There's no way I can be taught more about Sneaking now.
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