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Home City Bruma
House Castle Bruma Barracks
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC+5 (min=10) Class Knight
RefID 00036264 BaseID 00035EBE
Other Information
Health 53 + (5+2.6)x(PC+4), PC=1-10
Magicka 75 + 1.5x(PC+4) (max=250)
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Essential Until Defense of Bruma is begun
Follower Bruma Gate
Faction(s) Bruma Citizens; Bruma Castle; Bruma Guard

Burd is a Nord knight and Captain of the Bruma Guard. Burd will provide you with helpful information about potential Mythic Dawn spies in Bruma and will then accompany you into the Oblivion Gate during the Bruma Gate quest. He will also take part in the Defense of Bruma, at which point he will lose his Essential status and possibly die. If he does, he will be replaced as guard captain by Gerich Senarel.

Burd spends all of his time within Bruma Castle. He starts his day when he wakes up at 6am. From this point up until noon, he will roam around the Castle. He will visit the Lords Manor, a Guard in the Great Hall and the Jailer in no particular order. After a two-hour lunch, he will return to his patrols until he stops again for dinner at 7pm. At 10pm he goes one last patrol until his bedtime at midnight.

Burd wears a standard Bruma cuirass, along with chainmail greaves and boots to cover up the rest of him, excluding a helmet and shield. When he is asleep or eating he slips into a set of upper-class clothing, a green brocade doublet with a silk garment and sometimes even a pair of green velvet shoes. He carries three healing potions and a key to the castle. For defense, he has a steel claymore.

Burd also has a decent spell selection. For starters, he possesses the Blood of the North Birthsign ability which grants him the Restore Health lesser power. Additionally, Burd can cast a leveled selection of major Illusion spells, due to him being a Knight.


When you approach him for the first time, he will introduce himself:

"I'm Captain Burd, commander of the Bruma Guard."
"I make sure my guards treat the local Nords and their ways with respect."


Yvara Channitte will confirm Burd's care for Bruma's Nord denizens:

"Captain Burd and I make a good pair. He understands Nords and the North, while I appreciate the subtleties of southern culture and politics."

His cross-cultural efforts seem to be getting at least some superficial traction, as Gerich Senarel will remark:

"As Captain Burd says, we have to stay on the good side of the local Nords. It ain't their fault they're ignorant barbarians."

During Bruma Gate you'll hear the townsfolk worry:

"The Countess sent Captain Burd to deal with that Oblivion Gate outside of town. We're all praying that they'll be all right."
"If Captain Burd and the Guard can't close that Oblivion Gate, then what? Will Bruma be destroyed just like Kvatch?"

Afterwards, they'll greet you with:

"Everybody's talking about how you and Captain Burd closed that Oblivion Gate outside town."
"Well done. Bruma will never fall while you and our intrepid Captain Burd are on duty!"
"You and Captain Burd sure gave them daedra a good kick in the teeth. I wish I had been there to see it!"

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-related Events[edit]



When Jauffre tasks you with eliminating the Mythic Dawn spies, he will also point you in Burd's direction:

"Captain Burd in Bruma may also be able to help. I've asked the Countess to have the guard keep an eye out for strangers."

If you ask any guard about strangers they will also point you to Burd:

Strangers in town
"Not on my watch. Captain Burd will know for sure, though. We all report to him."

If you head straight to the captain and ask him about Spies, he will provide some information:

"Except for Jearl coming back from a trip down south, things are pretty quiet. Not much travel right now with the Oblivion Crisis. I've told my men to keep a sharp eye out, but I've had no reports of any strangers in town. What about you? Turned up anything suspicious?"
Nothing of interest to report.
"Alright. Anything I can do for you, just let me know."

Should you return after either discovering that Jearl has a visitor or after killing her, he will be surprised:

"Nothing new to report on my end. Have you uncovered anything suspicious?"
Jearl has a vistor.
"Really? That is odd. I know for certain that she returned alone. I don't like it. Since you're working with Cloud Ruler Temple, I'm going to authorize you to search Jearl's house. I'll pass the word to my men. We won't interfere."
Jearl was a Mythic Dawn agent.
"God's blood! So she was the spy? It seems there's no one you can trust these days. Since you're working with Cloud Ruler Temple, I'm going to authorize you to search Jearl's house. I'll pass the word to my men. We won't interfere."

Should you return after this and discuss the Spies, he will remark:

"I trust that you'll handle things ... appropriately. The less I know about it, the better."

Bruma Gate[edit]

Once you have completed either Blood of the Daedra or Blood of the Divines, Jauffre will once again send you to the captain, this time to help him close an Oblivion gate which has opened just outside the city:

"Captain Burd is waiting for you outside the Bruma city gate. He'll show you the Oblivion Gate. Although I doubt it will be hard to find."

If you speak to Countess Narina Carvain, she will urge you to rendezvous with the captain:

"Captain Burd wanted to attack the Oblivion Gate immediately, but I ordered him to wait for you. But you must hurry! I'm afraid of what might happen if the daedra are able to get a foothold here."

You will find Burd alongside five of his men just outside Bruma's eastern gate. Once you approach he will come to greet you:

"Thanks for coming. We could use your help."
"Thanks for coming. Since we had the Hero of Kvatch available, I didn't think it made sense to try this on our own the first time. We're ready when you are. Just say the word and we'll follow you into that hell-spawned Gate."
Hold on. I'm not ready yet.
"We'll hold here until you're ready. Although I'd rather not sit around waiting to see what else comes out of that gate."

If you speak to him again he will say:

"I think we'd better get that Gate closed."
"We're ready when you are."
Let's go.
"Alright. Give me a minute to talk to the men. Everyone's a bit jumpy right now."
Burd rallying the troops

He will then give a rousing speech to his troops, before charging into the gate alongside two of his guards:

"Alright, boys. Listen up. We've got to close that Gate over there. Nobody likes the idea of going into that thing, but it's our job, and we're going to do it. If we don't, Bruma ends up a smoking pile of rubble like what happened at Kvatch. And that's not going to happen here! Not while I'm Captain of the Guard! Bor, Soren, you're with me. The rest of you, stay outside and kill anything that comes out of that Gate. Let's show these bastards how we do things in Bruma!"

Should you interrupt his speech, he will shout:

"Let's make these bastards sorry they messed with Bruma."

Once you're inside the Bruma Oblivion World, he will say:

"This is no place I ever wanted to find myself. I don't see how we can ... No ... no, we can do this. We have to do this. We have no choice. I'm glad you're here. We wouldn't have a chance otherwise. What's our next move?"
Follow me.
"We'll follow your lead." (as long as one guard is still alive)
"Lead on. I hope we're almost there."
Wait here.
"We'll hold this position as long as we can." (as long as one guard is still alive)
"As you wish. I'll stay here until you get back."

After this he and his men will become followers. If you speak to him again while in Oblivion, he will say:

"What's the plan, ma'am/sir?"

During combat he will shout:

"Look out!"
"Here comes another one!"
"Stay sharp!"
"I've got that one!"

Once you have closed the gate, his men will meet him with jubilation:

"You did it, Captain! You closed the Oblivion Gate! We didn't think we'd ever see you alive again!"

To which he will modestly reply:

"Believe me, it was no picnic. But thanks to our friend here, I now know we can close these hell-gates. We can defend Bruma!"

He will then greet you with elation:

"It was an honor to serve with you, ma'am/sir. Now that I've seen how it's done, I think my guardsmen and I can handle any new Gates that open near Bruma."

He will then return to his regular schedule. Speaking to him again will net you:

"Thanks for your help closing that Gate. Don't worry, we can handle anything else they throw at us."

Allies for Bruma[edit]

While you travel around Cyrodiil trying to rustle up support for Bruma, speaking to Burd about Aid for Bruma will net you varying replies based on the progress you've made:

Answer Condition
"None of the other cities have sent aid. Bruma stands alone." No allies
"Only one city has sent aid. My guardsmen are the best in Cyrodiil, but they were never meant to be an army." One ally
"Several of the cities have sent aid. They're mustering on the plaza outside the castle, if you want to review the troops." Fewer than four allies
"Most of the cities have sent aid. You've done an excellent job." Fewer than seven allies
"All of the other cities have sent aid! It's remarkable! I've never seen such unity of purpose. Your leadership has made all the difference." Seven allies

Defense of Bruma[edit]

Once you are tasked by Martin to inform Countess Narina Carvain about his plan to let a Great Gate open near the city, you will find him guarding her in the throne room at all times. After you have convinced her to go along with this, he will escort her to the Great Chapel of Talos. If you speak to him, he will be decidedly unconvinced:

"I'm only the Captain of the Guard. The Countess makes the final decision, and I follow her orders, whatever I think of them."
Battle plans
"Your plan is madness. There must be another way for you to recover the Amulet without risking Bruma's destruction."

After the Countess has spoken to Martin, she will have a brief exchange with Burd:

"Burd! Deploy the troops for battle!"
"As you command, Countess."

Speak to Burd now and he will spur you on:

"Come on. My men will need all the help they can get today."

With that, he will lose his Essential status head towards the battlefield along with Martin, Jauffre and any other troops. While the battle is raging, any attempt to speak to Burd will only net you:

"This is no time for talking!"

Once the Great Gate has been closed, if he is still alive he will be found cheering alongside any other survivors. Once Martin departs, he will also return to his usual routine. If approached he will now say:

"Congratulations on your victory! I admit, I thought your plan would lead to disaster, but you came through for Bruma. I won't forget it."


  • Although Burd is captain of the Bruma Guard, he is not a member of the Guard class. He is therefore unable to arrest you if you commit any crimes (although his high responsibility ensures that he will immediately report any crimes he may witness).
  • Burd's body is tagged as a quest item, meaning it will never disappear from its resting place should he be killed.