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Find the Great Welkynd Stone in an Ayleid Ruin.
Quest Giver: Martin, Jauffre
Location(s): Ayleid Ruins
Prerequisite Quest: Blood of the Divine
Next Quest: The Great Gate
Reward: None
A mysterious inscription...

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Activate the artifacts in order.
  2. Defeat the Lich across the extended bridge.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Next Ingredient[edit]

The artifact to the southeast

After returning the Armor of Tiber Septim, Martin will ask for the next item - the Great Welkynd Stone. Jauffre suggests searching the Miscarcand Ayleid Ruin but warns the spirits of the departed Ayleids may not be too willing to part with it.

Another Riddle[edit]

The ruins are a single level map with a mass of Ghosts. There are 3 artifacts throughout (one column and two, what appear to be stones) which may be activated at some time. Upon entering the ruin, the Champion finds a faded inscription on a wall : "Twilight falls upon the elves... May the Sun guide you... and the moon follow thereafter..." The riddle appears to suggest the order in which the artifacts should be activated.

The extending bridge and column

The artifacts may be found in these three locations:

  • A stone on the far southeast of the map.
  • A stone near the maps far southwest.
  • A column on the first rights by heading south from the entrance.

Angry Spirits[edit]

Once the southwest stone is activated, three Ayleid Spirits will emerge. They are angered by the Champion's presence and will fight you.

The column in the map's center may be activated next. Another three spirits will emerge curious as to what the Champion wants. They themselves will not fight however.

Next, the southeast stone can be activated; and finally, the Column once more.

The Spirits will return, admiring the Champion's persistence. They propose a challenge in exchange for the Great Welkynd Stone. A bridge will extend to the ruins to the North, leading to a Lich and two Ghosts. Once the Lich is destroyed the quest will end - the Spirits will give you the stone and ask you to return to Jauffre.


  • If the southeast stone is activated out of order, the Champion will explain that he cannot pick it up now.
  • Once a stone is activated, it will vanish.
  • Even though you face the Lich and its two Ghosts, you must merely kill the Lich in order to advance.
  • Curiously, the Spirits ask the Champion to return to Jauffre despite not knowing him or at least knowing that he was after the Great Welkynd Stone.
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