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Enter the Great Oblivion Gate and retrieve the final item for Martin's ritual.
Quest Giver: Martin, Jauffre
Location(s): Planes of Oblivion
Prerequisite Quest: Miscarcand
Next Quest: Paradise
Reward: None
The Champion takes the Great Sigil Stone

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find and take the Great Sigil Stone in Oblivion.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The final ingredient[edit]

Once the Great Welkynd Stone is delivered, the Champion is shocked to discover the last item for Martin's ritual. Martin will require the Great Sigil stone - only found in the Great Oblivion Gate. They will have to let the Mythic Dawn open the Great Gate despite the risk to Martin's safety.

The Stone

The Great Gate[edit]

The planes of Oblivion within the gate is a single level map with a number of scamps, both fire wielding and melee attacking. The Great Sigil Stone is in the most North-western corner of the map. Once the Stone is activated, the Champion will take it. It is then merely a matter of returning to the Oblivion gate at the level's entrance. Once the gate is activated, the quest will end.


  • Be prepared before beginning this quest, you will not receive the option to save or shop after finishing it. A player must wait until the end of Paradise for the next opportunity.

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