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Prevent a pack of goblins from attacking the Imperial City... for the right price.
Quest Giver: Wesley
Location(s): Imperial City Sewers
Prerequisite Quest: Escape From Prison
Reward: Steel Broadsword
The Champion challenges a "goblin"

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Wesley in the Imperial City Prison during Escape From Prison about the coming goblin attack.
  2. Enter the trapdoor into the Imperial City Sewers.
  3. Defeat the goblin leader.
  4. Return to the trapdoor.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The trapdoor in the Prison


During Escape From Prison, a civilian named Wesley can be found standing by the trapdoor northwest of the extending bridge. Wesley will explain that a pack of goblins is planning an attack on the Imperial City and that he is not strong enough to overcome them. The Champion will agree to take care of them, "for the right price".

The Sewers[edit]

Activating the trapdoor will transport the Champion to the Imperial City Sewers, which is a small, randomly generated map with a random number of goblins. The goblin leader can always be found at the southernmost corner of the map. Once the goblin leader is defeated - regardless of how many other goblins remain - the Champion will mention he should now return. Activating the trapdoor on the northernmost corner of the map will transport the Champion back to the prison.

The Reward[edit]

Back in the prison, Wesley will thank the Champion and give him a Steel Broadsword in return for his efforts. The quest is then complete.


  • This quest is optional; a player may choose to ignore Wesley's request at no cost.
  • Once the quest is started, you cannot return to Escape From Prison until the goblins have been taken care of. If you do return the entrance, the Champion will mention he has a feeling if he leaves he will not be able to return again.
  • Wesley will refer to the creatures as goblins. However, they are, in fact, scamps.