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Tes3cmd is a command-line tool used for editing, inspecting and cleaning mods.

  • Version: 0.37v (exe), 0.36 (requires perl), 0.40 (pre-release alpha)
  • Author: John Moonsugar
  • Download: Tes3cmd (stable version)
  • Download: Tes3cmd pre-release (alpha version)
  • Discussion: Official Forums
  • Example batch files for avoiding the command line can be found at the Official Forums with a more detailed version in a later post.


  • Offers a multipatch command which generates a leveled lists esp that also includes a fix for fog-bugged cells, summoned creatures crashing and exterior cell name conflicts.
  • Offers plugin info dump, 1 to 1 diff, common, and not equal comparisons, and a clean command that by default removes duplicate object instances, AMBI/WHGT duplicates, other duplicate records, evil gmsts and junk cells.
  • Able to write to header and synchronize plugin header info to masters.
  • A fixit command which cleans, synchronizes, generates a multipatch and resets the dates for the Bethesda files.
  • Offers several other commands to interest the serious modder. Discussed on the Documentation page (0.37 Documentation) (0.40-pre-release Documentation).
  • 0.40 pre-release test version: See changelog for new options. However, the modify --replace function is bugged in this version. Use 0.37v for that function.