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NIBLE is short for NetImmerse BLock Editor. It allows adding and editing of certain blocks to NIF-Files.

  • Version: 0.5 in development
  • Author: Elim Garak (Martin Bohnet)
  • Download: PMM Projects

NIF Editing

  • Scale of nodes and trishapes. You can't edit the scale of the topmost node, since Morrowind will overwrite that value. Use the "! wrap for scaling"-tool instead.
  • X, Y and Z positions of nodes and trishapes. Same restriction to topmost node as above. Caution: all coordinates are in the local system of that node!
  • Rotation of NiNodes and Trishapes - guess what? - no editing of the topmost Node. Surprise!
  • Creatures Bounding Box- dimensions can be altered
  • Nodes can be hidden. This is an easy way to remove parts that are not needed from a mesh. Because the hidden parts are only disabeled, but still in memory, it's not yet cleared how much impact on performance is caused by hidden mesh parts.
  • Nodes can be converted to RootColisionNodes, which allows to have partly colliding models
  • Filenames of textures linked in NiSourceTexture-blocks
  • Coloring, shinyness and opacity of material blocks. Note that opacity only takes effect if the material in question has a NiAlphaProperty which is set to an 8 bit Alpha type. Shinyness and hence specular color seems to be not implemented by Bethesda, it's only displayed in the SceneImmerse viewer.
  • Transparency can be added and the calculation method of it can be changed.
  • You can add glow textures
  • If some trishapes in the mesh share the same texture reference, a separate new reference can be inserted.
  • Particle grow/fade behaviour can be changed

Included tools:

Attention: ! marks tools that have a good chance of destroying the file structure if unidentified blocks are around.

  • Strip texture paths: Remove path information and trailing zeros from mesh files generated by the Milkshape exporter done by the NIFLA
  •  ! wrap for scaling: Creates a base NiNode embracing the current file. Allows to scale or move the whole model since Morrowind will overwrite the Scaling of the new base node and leaves the scaling of the old base effective.
  • Texture Manager - well, the first bit of a simpler Interface - lists all textures in the file and allows to edit the filelinks and browse for others.