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LAND records contain information on Land for exterior cells.

C Field Type/Size Info
+ INTV struct
(8 bytes)
int32 - X
int32 - Y
+ DATA uint32 Data types included. If the relevant bit isn't set, the related fields will not be loaded, even if present.
0x01 = Includes VNML, VHGT and WNAM
0x02 = Includes VCLR
0x04 = Includes VTEX
- VNML struct
(12,675 bytes)
Vertex Normals. A 65×65 array of:
int8 - X
int8 - Y
int8 - Z

Note that the Y-direction of the data is from the bottom up.

- VHGT struct
(4,232 bytes)
Height Data
float32 - A height offset for the entire cell. Decreasing this value will shift the entire cell land down (by 8 units).[verification needed — Oblivion and Skyrim use 8 units, is this the same?]
int8[65][65] - Contains the height data for the cell in the form of a 65×65 pixel array. The height data is not absolute values but uses differences between adjacent pixels. Thus a pixel value of 0 means it has the same height as the last pixel. Note that the Y-direction of the data is from the bottom up.
uint8[3] - Junk data (ignored)
- WNAM uint8[9][9] Heights for world map. Derived from VHGT data.
- VCLR struct
(12,675 bytes)
Vertex Colors. A 65×65 array of RGB (no alpha) values.
- VTEX uint16[16][16] Texture Indices. Each value corresponds to the Index (INTV) value from a LTEX record.