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Vivec Ashmask
Vivec Ashmask (misc_vivec_ashmask_01_fake, misc_vivec_ashmask_01)
Weight Weight 3.0 Value Value 500
Vivec Ashmask
The fake ashmask

The Vivec Ashmask is a powerful Tribunal Temple relic found in Gnisis Temple. The one on display is a fake. The real one is hidden inside the Shrine of the Mask (the Grace of Justice pillar in the center of the room), which has a secret panel that opens if you offer a Potion of Cure Common Disease.

Touching the real one will cast Cure Blight and Common Disease on you. It will also give you the free Vivec's Touch spell, which will cure the same range of diseases on touch for a very low casting cost of 10 Magicka (primarily of use in curing the Kwama Queens of blighted egg mines in multiple quests, and for getting Cure Blight Disease on Self from a Spellmaker).

Though safe to touch and despite the presence of the Ordinator, neither the fake nor real Vivec Ashmask can be picked up or taken, so the value assigned to them is meaningless.

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