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Console Location Code(s)
Bitter Coast, [-9,2]

Shurinbaal is a small smuggler's cave in the swamp directly southwest of Gnaar Mok.

The cave has one main hallway that leads straight to a trapped old gate with a room behind it. A branch off the main hallway leads into the water and requires a short swim to another platform where two more smugglers are waiting.

The Imperial Agent Crottus Cedus will provide medium training services in Speechcraft, Light Armor, and Sneak to anyone who is able to successfully calm or sneak up on him.

Behind the old gate are two of the bandits and a wealth of crates and barrels. One of those bandits, Daroder, should have skill building books on him for increasing Light Armor and Short Blade.

Asking the citizens in Gnaar Mok about the latest rumors will sometimes result in them telling about this cave and how the smugglers seem to have lost their contact in Balmora and moved on someone in Ald'ruhn. Possible leveled loot: gold, gems, equipment, ingredients, scrolls, potions, magic items, lock picks/probes and soul gems.

The interior of the cave


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Crottus Cedus Male Imperial Agent 11 92 102 0 90 Trainer
Daroder Helni Male Dunmer Assassin 16 120 142 0 90
Dovrosi Varyon Female Dunmer Rogue 13 113 100 0 90
Enjine Female Redguard Warrior 13 158 80 0 90
Eponis Vinipter Female Imperial Warrior 14 161 100 0 90
Galtis Serethi Male Dunmer Battlemage 13 102 152 0 90 Spellcaster
Gancolm Male Redguard Healer 10 85 80 0 90 Spellcaster
Sethesi Adas Female Dunmer Thief 11 87 112 0 90
Talamu Sethandas Female Dunmer Archer 12 111 98 0 90

Related Quests[edit]

House Redoran[edit]

  • Shurinbaal: Take care of some smugglers in Shurinbaal.


  • The smuggler named Galtis Serethi has an Amulet of Mark on his person. There are no other instanced copies of this amulet in the original game, although there is a very low chance of an Amulet of Mark appearing randomly in some containers.
  • The smuggler Dovrosi Varyon is Drinar Varyon's sister.


Map of Shurinbaal