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Crazy Batou (crazy_batou)
Location Maren Ancestral Tomb
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 16 Class Barbarian
Other Information
Health 191 Magicka 84
Alarm 0 Fight 100
Essential Yes (see notes)
Crazy Batou

Crazy Batou is a Nord barbarian who can be found in the Maren Ancestral Tomb. True to his name, he is crazy, and will attack you relentlessly on sight.

He is wearing the Bloodworm Helm, common pants, belt, shoes, both common gloves and a complete set of bonemold armor. He is also carrying a steel warhammer, two skulls and 25 pieces of gold. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, Crazy Batou knows the spells Hearth Heal, Absorb Health, Absorb Health [Ranged], Cure Poison, Seryn's Gift, Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist Poison, Resist Shock, Vigor, Blightguard, Resist Common Disease, Resist Frost, Rest of St. Merris, and Great Heal Companion.


  • He is marked as essential and if you kill him, you will receive a warning saying With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created. This is not true, however, as Batou is not related to any quests, and killing him does not have any negative consequences. It's likely that he was intended to be related to a quest which was removed or never implemented prior to the release of the game.