Morrowind:Ascadian Isles Land Deed

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Book Information
ID bk_landdeed_hhrd
Value 100 Weight 0.2
Needed for Erroneous Documents
Found in the following locations:
  • Vivec Hlaalu Records, in a chest marked "(Ascadian Land Deeds)"
Ascadian Isles Land Deed

Compare to Odral's Land Deed, a forgery made by Odral Helvi that he wishes to replace this with.

By the Grace of ALMSIVI, Lords and Rulers of All

Know all Dunmer by these words that Muthsera Rovone Arvel has sold the land south of Arvel Manor and east of Pelagiad to Orvas Dren. Rovone Arvel retains the right to one small farm near Pelagiad, currently held by Llovyn Andus

Seal of the Buyer

Orvas Dren

Seal of the Seller

Rovone Arvel