Morrowind:Abandoned Shipwreck

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Abandoned Shipwreck
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# of Zones 3
Console Location Code(s)
Abandoned Shipwreck, Cabin
Abandoned Shipwreck, Lower Level
Abandoned Shipwreck, Upper Level
Sheogorad, [1,23]
The Abandoned Shipwreck

The Abandoned Shipwreck is just off the northeastern coast of the island of Vas, northwest from Sud. It has run aground and only the stern is underwater.

This wreck holds a couple of crates full of booze, alchemical ingredients, 40 pillows and the Cabin Key, plus an invoice for Drarayne Thelas of Balmora. She should acknowledge this, but a bug prevents this after you have completed the Exterminator quest for the Fighters Guild. See Thelas' Pillows for more information and a possible fix.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Thelas' Pillows: Discover the lost shipment of Drarayne Thelas' pillows in the Abandoned Shipwreck.




The cabin of the ship contains little of note other than a level 5 locked cupboard, with an Invoice on top of it. The cupboard itself is well stocked with alcohol.

Upper Level[edit]

Upper Level

The upper level is partially flooded, a number of barrels can be found here which may contain an assortment of ingredients. Directly behind the staircase lies one barrel and two bedrolls. On the left side of the flooded portion is one floating barrel, three more are beneath the water. Turning to the right, one more barrel containing alcohol can be found beside a small chest on the floor.

Lower Level[edit]

Lower Level

The lower level is almost entirely submerged with only one end being above water. The cabin key is found in this dry area. This level is where the aforementioned pillow shipment still rests. The four sealed crates contain eight pillows each while the fifth crate has been broken open and it's contents are now lying underwater. These last eight waterlogged pillows bring the total number to forty, the entire shipment.


  • All 40 pillows in the shipment remain aboard the Abandoned Shipwreck, but there is no option to inform Drarayne Thelas of this or to give her the pillows, even if you remove them from the Abandoned Shipwreck and bring them to Thelas in Balmora.
  • The cabin key may be found floating in mid-air above the floor where it should be lying. This should cause no issue though as the key can still be grabbed normally.