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Replicas in Lore[edit]

So I removed the replicas line because, as far as lore is concerned, there is only one vestige, one main character for ESO. How do I know this? Because Kaalgrontiid only dies once. The Veiled Heritance is only defeated once. It isn't defeated a great number of times by random adventurers from across tamriel. The game being an MMO is a mechanic, and game mechanics do not belong in lore. I believe we need to open a discussion about the widespread use of game mechanics in lore, specifically in regards to numbers of characters that interact with artifacts and events. Any sort of reference to "A great number" of anything hinges entirely on the MMO game mechanic of multiple people and we cannot cherry pick when we refer to more than one thing and when we don't. In addition, I don't believe being purchased from the crown store should be canonized as it would be in this case. Including "a great number of replicas" would also necessitate an entry on the second era article that a large number of the citizens of tamriel received a monthly stipend of golds because they paid real money for a subscription service in the real world. That may sound ridiculous to add, but it is the exact same situation we have here with the replicas. A large number of people purchased replicas with crowns they received via real money or ESO plus. That's not lore, that's a game mechanic. Jeancey (talk) 22:21, 4 November 2019 (GMT)