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Sinweaver is an ancient Elven claymore artifact,[1] possibly of Ayleid origin, although it is endowed with powers often associated with Daedric weapons.[2] Its enchantment inflicts magical fire damage and drains the stamina of those that it strikes.[3] Sinweaver's peerless craftsmanship made it the envy of Elven swordsmiths for generations following its creation. However, something dark and unknowable stirred within the blade.[4][nb 1]

It is unknown when Sinweaver was forged, but claymores had already been invented by the Highland Bretons by the late Merethic Era.[5][6] Circa 2E 582, a number of visual replicas designed in Sinweaver's image were seen throughout Tamriel.[2]

By the late Third Era, Sinweaver had come into the possession of Azani Blackheart, a Redguard outlaw and an avid scholar of the Ayleids. Circa 3E 433, a wizard named Argoth employed the Fighters Guild to invade Blackheart's base, the Ayleid ruin of Arpenia, and recover Sinweaver. A large group of warriors were sent to the ruins, but were successfully repelled by Blackheart. Fifteen guild members died, including the son of Guildmaster Vilena Donton, and many more were injured. Argoth turned to the Blackwood Company to complete the job. However, the Company double-crossed Argoth and seemingly made a deal with Blackheart: if he gave them Sinweaver and departed from Arpenia, the Blackwood Company would pay him off and reveal Argoth's location. Blackheart agreed, and subsequently killed the wizard, retrieving his weapon. He then moved his base to Atatar, another Ayleid ruin not far from Arpenia.[1]

Seeking to defame the rival Blackwood Company, Fighters Guild second-in-command Modryn Oreyn, along with a new recruit, investigated the abandoned ruins of Arpenia. Oreyn's suspicions proved correct when he found the place free from any signs of battle. The two then journeyed to nearby Atatar, which was being guarded by Blackheart's bandit allies. After fighting their way into the depths of the ruins, Oreyn and the recruit confronted Blackheart and killed him, avenging their fallen comrades. Oreyn took Azani's ring as proof that the Blackwood Company had not completed their contract, and Sinweaver was taken by the recruit.[7]

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